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After-Bite Relief Balm

  • Palm Oil FreeVegan SymbolCruelty FreeEco friendly and biodegradable product symbolParaben and SLS free symbol product symbol

    This all natural vegan After Bite Relief Balm provides fast and effective itch relief and helps reduce the itching, redness and swelling from most insect bites, especially those from midges mosquitoes and noseeums. Formulated in the Virgin Islands it is proven to provide sting relief and ease that excruciating after-itch in seconds.

    -  Natural, effective; works against midges, mosquito and noseeum bites within seconds.

    -  With Infused Juniper berry, Basil and Lime.

    -  Contains natural anti-inflammatory, anaesthetic properties.

    -  Cruelty free and chemical free - easy to apply.

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