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Meet The Solid Bar Company Founder.



Rebecca - The Solid Bar Company Founder

Are you looking to reduce plastic in your bathroom?

To take holidays and business trips with luxury personal care products that are light, long lasting, ‘carry on’ approved for hand luggage and won’t leak everywhere?

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1. Tips To Use Less Plastic.

2. The Best Shampoo Bars For Every Hair Type.

3. A Natural Repellent That Works!

4. Moisturising Soap Bars For Every Skin Type.

5. Top Reviews.

6. Inspiration.

7. A Bit Of Background.

8. Caribbean Living.

9. Back In The UK.

10. The Latest News.


1 - Tips To Use Less Plastic.

A pallet of plastic waste

We all want to reduce the amount of plastic in our lives, have natural and healthy products for ourselves and our family but not pay the earth for them.

You may have tried a shampoo bar or conditioner bar and had an unforgettably bad experience, used a soap bar that has left your skin so dry, bought a natural repellent spray that hasn’t worked at all or you just want to have products that are not in plastic, laden with harsh chemicals, fragrances and unnecessarily diluted with massive amounts of water. Well - we did too.

Most personal care products are not at all convenient or eco-friendly and don’t suit the modern-day consumer one bit. They actually haven’t changed in style for over half a century (even though every other industry has) and this means tens of billions of plastic bottles are still discarded globally each year.

We decided to create a luxury and convenient eco-friendly product range and now offer a fantastic range of natural and effective products that mean you can now truly make the switch away from plastic. 

2 - The Best Shampoo Bars For Every Hair Type.

Woman with great hair smiling

Our  salon approved shampoo bars are pH balanced (not made with soap ingredients or other surfactants that are too alkaline) and our Conditioner bars contain actual cationic ingredients to condition your hair, close the hair shaft, and reduce friction and create shine.

Thesebars also contain luxury proteins, keratins, pro-Vitamin B5, and plant-based silicon alternatives – all luxury hair-loving ingredients that you’d find in top end salon products that we have gone to great lengths to find in palm-oil free, vegan, and biodegradable forms, giving you a fantastic hair experience without compromise. 



3 - A Natural Repellent That Works!

Caribbean beach scene

As we started developing these in the Caribbean, it was a great place to create a bug repellent bar that really works.

It also means that all our products are resilient and able to travel anywhere on the planet.

They are not bulked out with water but are offered in a long-lasting, concentrated, solid form at a competitive price. 



4 - Moisturising Soap Bars For Every Skin Type.

The Solid Bar Company Castile Soaps

Many soap bars on the market have had the glycerin removed which is then sold on to lotion companies for profit. Glycerin is a humectant and will draw moisture to your skin. Without this, soap can leave your skin feeling dry and reaching for the moisturizer.

Our bars not only retain glycerin but half the bar is made with Olive oil (another humectant) and a third from Coconut oil with its wonderful moisturizing and foaming properties, to which we have added sunflower oil, Castor oil, and essential oils for scent not artificial fragrances created from chemicals. That is it.



5 - Top Reviews.

We receive many great reviews and have built a strong following of repeat customers who have said things like this......:

- "...my hair feels like it's been washed by the elves of Lothlorien, and it looks and smells it too. This isn't just better than all the other shampoo bars I've tried, it's better than any shampoo I've tried full stop...". 

- "...a few other creams were drying his bottom and more importantly the nappy rash wasn’t going away. I then did a google search for a natural nappy cream and came across this one and have never looked back..."

- "...I can be out for dinner with friends and be the only one covered in bites! None of the repellents I’ve tried have really worked..until now! This solid lemongrass repellent bar was a game-changer. I used it over the summer whilst backpacking around Italy (where I have always found the mosquitos dreadful!!) and didn’t have a single bite. I can not recommend this highly enough..."

6 - Inspiration

Our boat moored at Rum Cay in the Bahamas

We got our inspiration from sailing a 36ft yacht across the Atlantic with days of blue as far as the eye could see, nights of stars down to the water during every phase of the moon, crossing paths with flying fish and dolphins racing at the bow.

Then, with weather changes, the days of serene and calm seas occasionally developed into giant waves which came racing towards us, tossing our boat seemingly like a cork in a bottle, resulting in our plastic laden bottles of shampoo and shower gel to ricochet noisily around as they bounced off the walls.

That was the light bulb moment when I realised that, not only did I want to do something about reducing or eliminating plastic from these products but also, I could create personal care products that were better for you and the environment!


7 - A Bit Of Background.

Prior to any of this I’d had ten intense and adrenaline-fuelled years working in the stock markets specialising in European arbitrage trading before switching direction.

I took some time out and travelled around mainland China, Tibet, carrying out conservation work in South America before studying horticulture, landscape design and later aromatherapy.

My husband, who previously worked in the UK and overseas in Government Service, and I ran a busy horticultural and landscape design business in the New Forest, Hampshire before deciding to sell up and embark on a 10,000-mile sailing trip.


8 - Caribbean Living.

The Solid Bar Company CEO relaxing in the Caribbean sea

Developing our product range in the Caribbean on a remote island was not easy (well someone had to do it 😊).

Climatic conditions dictated that the market was seasonal and cruise ship dependent and we were limited in what we could do there. So, we decided to move to nearby Florida whilst retaining our wholesale business.

It was then, in 2017, shortly after we left, that three huge hurricanes hit the Caribbean islands and we immediately lost all our wholesale business overnight.


9 - Back In The UK.

Collage of The Solid Bar Company products

We made the decision to move back to the UK in 2018 with our resilient and eco-friendly product range, now endorsed by The Prince Albert of Monaco Foundation.

Also, with the assistance of an American friend and colleague, we set up this partner online outlet in South Carolina, USA.

This year we aim to focus on getting our products into more retail stores.

We also grow a number of our own cosmetic ingredients for our herb-infused balms and soap bars.



10 - The Latest News.

Our new deodorant range

Having recently launched our deodorant bars in four scents in plastic-free, UK-made packaging our development work moves ever onwards. They work well (even if, like me, you’re sensitive to bicarbonate of soda) with arrowroot and clay for dryness, lots of Organic Coconut oil, and plant-based emollients for easy glide.

Also, we have recently switched a large part of our packaging in a move towards being zero waste, as efficient as aluminium packaging is for recycling, we’ve seen enough places in the world that don’t recycle at all and that memory has stayed with us.





We have now developed, trialed, and released our new all-natural face cleansing bars, in response to the many requests from our customers.

Also, we are looking at writing a book about our journey and our amazing life experiences so far.

Please take time to read our many useful Blogs and some of our FAQ’s too.

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Thank you and best wishes to all,